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    Engraving into animal horn?

    Rhino horn is made entirely of keratin, which forms the outer casing of other animals’ horn. Keratin is the same substance as hair and fingernails, but rhino horn does not have the internal bone structure that is found in other animals.
  2. Perplexus

    Engraving into animal horn?

    Animal horn is bone, with an outer covering of keratin. It’s this outer covering that is used for making drinking vessels. Keratin is the same material that you have on the ends of your fingers and toes . . . fingernails and toenails. They don’t contain any resin, but I’ve no idea whether they can be lasered. Have you got a spare fingernail that you could try it on?
  3. You can get them from Le Prevo . . . but don't forget you'll need the fixing tool as well! http://www.leprevo.co.uk/eyelets.htm http://www.leprevo.co.uk/eyelet-tools.htm
  4. Perplexus

    Dr Marten Electric Knife Wanted!

    The electric knives produced smoke that contains cyanide! Doubt whether they're still (legally) available.
  5. Certainly, I'll do them while you wait . . . and wait . . .and wait . . . and wait
  6. Perplexus

    Electricity supplier

    Octopus are brilliant! I use them at the shop and at home.
  7. I have a fully functioning shoe repair, keycutting and leathergoods business for sale for a ridiculously low price. The business is thriving, (40-odd years of goodwill and no meaningful competition) but unfortunately I am not! Buyer would need to secure new lease, but the rent is low, and there are no business rates to pay. If you're genuinely interested, please PM for details and/or phone number.
  8. Perplexus

    Wet leather soles

    My father – many years ago – used to soak leather soles overnight in a bucket of something called ‘mulling liquid’ before attaching. I’ve no idea what it was, but it seemed to make the soles more flexible. He used a row of tingles to fasten the waist of the sole, and a single tingle to keep the toe end in place. The sole was then stitched round, and the toe-end tingle removed. The channel was glued (with latex) and tapped down, completely covering the stitches. I guess there are not many repairers who take so much trouble today (or am I wrong?)!
  9. The guys at our local Timpson's wouldn't know where to start! They send this type of job to us . . .
  10. This is too easy for words! A piece of goatskin glued and stitched inside would solve the problem. We do this regularly.
  11. Perplexus


    Some pretty poor spelling on their front page! Don't these people use proof-readers any more?
  12. Perplexus

    Carbinde, TiN etc

    Have you tried http://www.randrsecurity.com/Keys-Accessories/Key%20Machines-and-Accessories/Key-Machine-Accessories? We get all our blades from them . . . good prices and rapid delivery.
  13. I usually ask them what the weather's like in their part of the world, or whether they've been on holiday yet. I then ask them to hold the line for a moment and I leave the phone with the line open for a few minutes. They've always hung up when I return, and they never call again!