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  1. Everyone will moan when there're no towns with independents to shop in anymore and only massive supermarkets/out of town retail parks.
  2. I had a woman in the other week trying to blackmail me into doing 3 cylinders for £10.00 because that's what she could get from Asda. I took great pleasure in letting her know that she couldn't, as they've had their machine removed from our local store
  3. Dean

    xmas rush job. no thanks.

    Lol...we all get them. We had a guy in at 11am on Xmas Eve want to order a bespoke perspex house sign off us...I offered him a 1 hour turnaround and he declined hahaha!!
  4. I know SOME of Timpsons staff are useless, but there's two sides to every story. Amazing how many customers suddenly 'spot' faults with their items only after it's been left in your care!!!
  5. I bet your turds are nice and shiny!
  6. I suppose we should take it as a compliment that they think we can repair anything and everything!! lol. I don't mind having a go at an unusual request - it's just when they can't seem to take 'NO' for an answer and nigh on bully you into trying to do it! 'Can't you just do this' 'Can't you just do that'
  7. Dean

    Lithium Batteries

    With our fortnightly Birch order...no carriage over £75
  8. Dean

    marbleite sign

    Yup - any size you like. Inbox me the details if you like
  9. wont work IMO. Most of our customers couldnt be arsed.
  10. What's his new alias name lol
  11. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/3-Glass-counter-display-cabinets-with-lights-and-storage-underneath-/112521020477?roken=cUgayN
  12. Whatever happened to Hugh? Anyone know? Not seen him on here for ages....