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  1. ironplanet uk900

    Laser Engraving machines

    I wondered if anyone had any hands on experience!! Hearsay is tush imo, bit like Google reviews, only the liars and idiots do em ... ay
  2. I wouldn't put my name to other peoples repairs!
  3. Anyone had any experience with these much cheaper Laser machines you can buy from China, Belgium etc.... Looking at a 50/60w from abroad for £1,700 Or a 50w from Gravograph for £15,000 Surly there is a difference!!... or isn't there, you tell me.
  4. ironplanet uk900

    Need to get a bloody life.

    I have too many hobbies.
  5. ironplanet uk900

    mister minit

    Minit were a massive cowboy heelbar outfit, disguised as professionals. ..
  6. For is200tx hardly used. Inbox for details.
  7. ironplanet uk900

    Trade brass engraving

    48 hour turnaround...
  8. ironplanet uk900

    Some people love their shoes

    NEW insoles and linings and loads of patching... really not worth repairing in my eyes, but I've done hundreds of rebuilds like this over the years... who are we to say if it's worth it or not? TBH it's not the best job I've ever done but they are wearable again and a bit more respectable.