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  1. I'd never blame my colleague otherwise I would have to cook my own tea.
  2. I leave that kind of stuff to the chain stores.
  3. Introduction.....

  4. Dr Martin Trimmer?

    Looks a tad expensive too
  5. Introduction.....

    Welcome . is it possible to engrave fish tanks.?.
  6. Dr Martin Trimmer?

    Siserve have these .
  7. Vachette key id

    Hd ve100 covers most of those.
  8. Telford

    Nope, your the best sheep shagger we know. Carry on.
  9. jma multicode

    They said exactly the same to me, I've had two machines and two tablets, sending mine back for a refund.
  10. Sole stain

    Fiebings do a nice dark bottom stain, available from t colledge. I have a bottom scouring pad attached next to my neutral brush on my finisher.
  11. jma multicode

    I'm afraid I am having all sorts of problems with the reading and cutting of car keys, about 80% fail to work.
  12. John Mathews has got his own business in the Plymouth area.