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  1. Not only that , there are no staples peppered all round the base.
  2. x minit uk

    Easter weekend

    Opened 8-30 am till 4pm. Took a couple of squid short of £300.
  3. I'd never blame my colleague otherwise I would have to cook my own tea.
  4. I leave that kind of stuff to the chain stores.
  5. x minit uk

    mister minit

    Yeeee haaaaa.
  6. x minit uk


  7. x minit uk

    Dr Martin Trimmer?

    Looks a tad expensive too
  8. x minit uk


    Welcome . is it possible to engrave fish tanks.?.
  9. x minit uk

    Dr Martin Trimmer?

    Siserve have these .
  10. x minit uk

    Vachette key id

    Hd ve100 covers most of those.
  11. x minit uk


    Nope, your the best sheep shagger we know. Carry on.
  12. x minit uk

    jma multicode

    They said exactly the same to me, I've had two machines and two tablets, sending mine back for a refund.