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  1. petercoulson

    Embracing change

    The gripe is what comes after one of their sausage rolls
  2. petercoulson

    Level of service at SKS

    Count, I know exactly where Keith is coming from that's not wages that's cost once you add in vehicles travel costs etc 40,000 is on the conservative side
  3. petercoulson

    Level of service at SKS

    Harold Woodworth Tom, a leg end. I never did manage to get him to stop talking.
  4. petercoulson

    XL Distributors (e cigs)

    Haven't they always been?
  5. petercoulson

    K&B outsole thread lock

    The adjustment is through the nuts where the yellow arrow is, you may find it easier and more effective to pass the thread around the pulley twice as per green arrow
  6. petercoulson

    Single Use Plastic

    Dont you use the plastic to lay or stick over objects you are engraving to see where/how good it will look?
  7. We are a bit cheaper at £3.19 + VAt but charge post so may not be cheaper unless you have a few packs
  8. petercoulson

    Lynx power unit

    It is there Keith in classified but we'll disguised had to look 3 times to see it myself :) being sold by Ali
  9. petercoulson

    Lynx power unit

    There is no such thing as a Lynx Power Unit it is either one or the other. A Lynx is a finisher only - quite old and some parts are extremely difficult to get hold of if at all plus there are some different variations of them not recommended to buy one really
  10. petercoulson

    IS200 'Beep'

    Yes from memory it's a serial/usb cable difference for the beep