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  1. We are a bit cheaper at £3.19 + VAt but charge post so may not be cheaper unless you have a few packs
  2. petercoulson

    Lynx power unit

    It is there Keith in classified but we'll disguised had to look 3 times to see it myself :) being sold by Ali
  3. petercoulson

    Lynx power unit

    There is no such thing as a Lynx Power Unit it is either one or the other. A Lynx is a finisher only - quite old and some parts are extremely difficult to get hold of if at all plus there are some different variations of them not recommended to buy one really
  4. petercoulson

    IS200 'Beep'

    Yes from memory it's a serial/usb cable difference for the beep
  5. Stepped up to the mark Robin, well done.
  6. The more you try to sharpen them the diameter decreases so not a good idea but you may have a little success by filing from the flat side rather than the curved edge
  7. Remember they are left hand thread usually the have a hole or 2 in them use a punch and hit it very hard
  8. I don't think it will help it's the thread on the inside which is a special left handed one also some of the WHB ones are curved both sides whereas these are flat one side but the dimension are od - 45mm id 12mm
  9. Nor us I believe they are a different thread to the usual ones
  10. The piece of paper is definitely there but no the heel