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  1. tell me what style/size of unit you want and ill send you units and glue to do the job, ill pre-solution soles for you as well you can pay me by paypal carry on!
  2. hibsjo(SCO)

    eurospec mp10

    Graham what cutter do you use on the mustang carry on!
  3. anyone got anything like this carry on!
  5. hibsjo(SCO)

    brownie trefoil medal centres

    need 60 spoke to armstrongs cheers for the offer M carry on!
  6. who does these where can i get them? carry on!
  7. hibsjo(SCO)

    Diamond Cutter Grinding

    pantograph services carry on!
  8. hibsjo(SCO)

    77th brigade badge

    Sorted its available in eps if any one needs it in the future carry on!
  9. anyone got this in an eps/ai file before i spend time on it? carry on!
  10. yeh insured to work on vehicle not to drive it surely? carry on!
  11. surely if your working on the car your covered by your business insurance? carry on!
  12. hibsjo(SCO)


    original series was good Graham new stuff not so good Bargy i do have a sense of humour i laff at all your posts carry on!
  13. hibsjo(SCO)


    w a n k! carry on!
  14. hibsjo(SCO)


    my daughter was in London at the filming of the new series on monday i think its ####! carry on!
  15. hibsjo(SCO)

    Covered Plinth Bands

    glenways do a band 3 fits a base of 113x57 twt do a T1152 115mm base and band carry on!
  16. so this is now sold hope a donation to the site is on its way carry on!
  17. ill buy the picks if anyone wants the machine to make it cheaper? carry on!
  18. came into this today broken how do you get pin out of strap to replace strap? where do you get replacement strap? carry on!
  19. hibsjo(SCO)

    Removing engraving from pewter

    you can do it yourself with this https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Micro-Mesh-Regular-9-Sheets-6-x3-Abrasive-Polishing-Kit-/132503604192?clk_rvr_id=1455845992524&utm_medium=cpc&utm_source=twenga&utm_campaign=twenga&utm_param=eyJlcyI6MCwicyI6OTcyMDIzNywiY2kiOiIwMzA1MDhkNDkzZWZlNjI0ZGVlZTA3M2VhMjg0MmQyYiIsImkiOiIxMzI1MDM2MDQxOTIiLCJ0cyI6MTUyMDA5MTcwOSwidiI6Mywic28iOjE1MDAsImMiOjE2MjA4OX0%3D&rmvSB=true sure there is a post on here somewhere about this stuff coco clown posted it years back carry on!
  20. hibsjo(SCO)

    Kebab Fat

    cue Terry with the fairy liquid post which by the way worked a treat on some suede covered chairs i have carry on!
  21. hibsjo(SCO)

    music license for shop

    http://view.ppluk-email.com/?qs=1fa0bc48a54b85a49b9feb760c92db23e9297c773d470bb76632c3c4229345b171c294273a885f59a939853b53fc37a9ad046dfd679cd07a19c73367ed899c23c50dd4df4573dc03 carry on!
  22. eh why isnt my rebel alliance logo spinning?? carry on!
  23. i dont see a problem with addresses given. if we actually behaved like grown ups and used real name avators/pictures and not rebel alliance spinning logos it might be an advance? carry on!