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  1. so this is now sold hope a donation to the site is on its way carry on!
  2. ill buy the picks if anyone wants the machine to make it cheaper? carry on!
  3. Removing engraving from pewter

    you can do it yourself with this https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Micro-Mesh-Regular-9-Sheets-6-x3-Abrasive-Polishing-Kit-/132503604192?clk_rvr_id=1455845992524&utm_medium=cpc&utm_source=twenga&utm_campaign=twenga&utm_param=eyJlcyI6MCwicyI6OTcyMDIzNywiY2kiOiIwMzA1MDhkNDkzZWZlNjI0ZGVlZTA3M2VhMjg0MmQyYiIsImkiOiIxMzI1MDM2MDQxOTIiLCJ0cyI6MTUyMDA5MTcwOSwidiI6Mywic28iOjE1MDAsImMiOjE2MjA4OX0%3D&rmvSB=true sure there is a post on here somewhere about this stuff coco clown posted it years back carry on!
  4. came into this today broken how do you get pin out of strap to replace strap? where do you get replacement strap? carry on!
  5. Kebab Fat

    cue Terry with the fairy liquid post which by the way worked a treat on some suede covered chairs i have carry on!
  6. music license for shop

    http://view.ppluk-email.com/?qs=1fa0bc48a54b85a49b9feb760c92db23e9297c773d470bb76632c3c4229345b171c294273a885f59a939853b53fc37a9ad046dfd679cd07a19c73367ed899c23c50dd4df4573dc03 carry on!
  7. eh why isnt my rebel alliance logo spinning?? carry on!
  8. i dont see a problem with addresses given. if we actually behaved like grown ups and used real name avators/pictures and not rebel alliance spinning logos it might be an advance? carry on!
  9. the force is strong in this one carry on!
  10. Toulene

    we dont pre solution anymore and i find that cuts glue sniifing time down we too work with doors open and extractor fans to the outside lots of old cobblers knocking about who used stronger glue than us with no airflow systems im sure others are available from other shoe repair suppliers lol carry on!
  11. Toulene

    https://www.algeos.com/filemanager/msds_block/NEW%20MSDS%20DATA/Bostik%20Unigrip%206092%20%28Neoprene%20Adhesive%29.pdf couldnt find safety data for the other carry on!
  12. Can anyone vector this please

    can send these if you havent done anything carry on!
  13. Honda

    need a couple of these?? carry on!
  14. Can anyone vector this please

    Awaiting your vector Gray from that shit pic carry on!
  15. Can anyone vector this please

    you got a better pic? carry on!