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  1. With all the talk about pladtic bags now looking to put our shoes in paper bags who uses paper bags and where from ?
  2. earlsdoncobbler

    Key id please

    But with a different blank ?
  3. earlsdoncobbler

    Key id please

    Hi had this key in yesterday any ideas i know it has the number 92679 its not a LF1I
  4. earlsdoncobbler

    Clasp for bag

    Sent them a message
  5. earlsdoncobbler

    Clasp for bag

    Any idea who may stock this clasp ?
  6. earlsdoncobbler

    Key id please

    Thanks for the replys used a ul1r worked ok
  7. earlsdoncobbler

    Key id please

    Yes i cut one with a UL1r and let the customer go and try it she came back and said it worked ok
  8. earlsdoncobbler

    Key id please

    Just had this key in any idea please
  9. earlsdoncobbler

    Commando units

    I use pledge on the blake when stitching rubber i will try fairy or self shine on the next pair normally do not have a problem stitching rubber on the outsole
  10. earlsdoncobbler

    Commando units

    I have a victor don't think there is a adjuster for presser
  11. earlsdoncobbler

    Commando units

    I did not know vibram did a commando unit you can stitch on ?
  12. earlsdoncobbler

    Commando units

    No i don't wet the sole just water?
  13. Is anyone else having trouble stitching on commando units the units feel more rubbery then they use to be and sometimes i come off the edge i have posted photos of the units i am using
  14. earlsdoncobbler

    ring engraving

    hi all my niece has asked is there anyone doing ring engraving in the Tewksbury area. Dave