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  1. Who supplies these besides Birch, Mastergrave and the usual suspects? Rick.
  2. What's the best way to stiffen soft leather? Cheers. Rick.
  3. kobblers

    Mushroom pins

    He's been abusing the wrong sort of mushrooms, probably. Rick.
  4. kobblers

    .dst file

    My daughter works at an embroiderers, I'll send it her and ask. Rick.
  5. Who sells these and what's the most popular/successful at helping someone to stop with the real fags? Cheers. Rick.
  6. kobblers

    Backing boards

    Bump! Rick.
  7. Looks a bit like an ASEC 1 Rick.
  8. Anyone know a blank for this? Rick.
  9. kobblers

    Singer 29k patcher problem

    Out of curiosity, what was the cause? Rick.
  10. kobblers

    Key ID please

    We've cut thousands of these so we know it's the correct blank. Rick.
  11. I find it easier to line up the new covering with the centre of the heel block and then smooth it out on both sides. Is sometimes helps to dampen the leather covering as it makes it more supple and easy to mould against the heel. Rick.
  12. Or take it off and use strips of thin paper masking tape overlapping each other to make a template. Once applied to the heel, you can run a pen along the top of the heel where it meets the shoe to get a rough idea of the curve you'll need to cut. Rick.
  13. kobblers

    Key ID please

    B602/2 for deffo. Rick.
  14. kobblers

    New Era Key ID

    Aldridge's refused to deal with us when we applied. Rick.
  15. Yes, you can - go ahead We had a Roland MPX 60 and then the 70. The software that came with it was a bloody nightmare and the support from Roland at that time was just as bad. Rick.
  16. kobblers

    Trade members

    Timpson? Rick.
  17. kobblers


    Who supplies real crepe? Is the Birch Crepelina the same stuff? Thanks. Rick.
  18. kobblers


    Cleaning excess glue off shoes - it works great on cleaning yer hands, too. Rick.
  19. kobblers


    Ooh, yes, please. Have you got my address? Rick.
  20. kobblers


    Just what you can spare, mate. We only use it for cleaning glue off and we only have a tiny piece left. Rick.
  21. kobblers

    Lynx power unit

    Cutting Edge don't want to put it on the forum, anymore, as they want to promote their own website. Rick.
  22. You mean infamous, Count? Just buy some new covering and replace it yourself - it's quite straightforward. Rick.
  23. Can anyone help me to identify some possible blanks for filing cabinet locks with 5 digit codes that start with 25? Cheers. Rick.
  24. kobblers

    Lynx power unit

    I'll contact chief admin for you, Keith. Rick.