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  1. Growster

    Henderson T handle

    The UNFP JMA blank is easier to find without a hyphen in Instacode.
  2. I reckon our sponsor, Charles Birch has the blanks, but who would make these to code, please?
  3. Here's my next scourge, a simple window lock key. 80007 and 80016 seem straightforward, 80014 isn't Any ideas?
  4. The bellend seems to have a different shape to the Abus Plus key, and it is shorter.
  5. The 2 look very similar. Would anyone know, whether the cuts and the blanks are interchangeable? The WD blank seems shorter than the Abus Plus one. As they are tip stopped, one could perhaps be able to use a Plus blank to make a WD one?
  6. This is for a Silverline cabinet. Another key from this range, the one we're looking for is stamped 7308. I somehow don't think this would be from the MLM series. Any suggestions for a suitable blank? Fastkeys has, I think, stopped doing most Rottner keys, for example
  7. Growster

    Round handle key I.D.

    Silca LS11, same as for the KTxxxx series?
  8. I have here a key for a wheel clamp. Looks like a short shoulder stopped Hooply key. How much of a bodge is it if I try to shorten a Hooply blank? And then suggest to take great care when inserting the key, because the bodge will not have the lead-in slopes to ease the key into the barrel.
  9. Growster

    AB series?

    You can use an LF61R with the AA series cuts.
  10. Growster

    Union Key ID

    How do you know it's this suite, Graham? Caravaners are surprisingly happy to pay, so: go for it! Not only they deserve a nice holiday, we do too!
  11. Dunno what I did wrong....
  12. I don't think these can be made to code. But: Is there at least a blank?
  13. My secret weapon is a neatly printed laminated price list, in the public area. Customer comes in, shows me his key. Ah, I say, yes, I can do this for you. Let me just check how much they are. £5.50 it says here, that includes the VAT. Is that OK with you? I've had a total of of 2 people walk out, one came back a few minutes later. Then again, our walk-in traffic is very low for various reasons, just about 2 a day. But the price list, prim and proper looking, has reduced the arguments greatly.
  14. Growster

    Identify key

    I feel it might not be the 92-series. The stamping looks too nice for LF and the key is flat on side, whereas the photo shows probable grooves on both sides of the key: Or is this just dirt on my glasses?
  15. Growster

    Rock Door key

    Rockdoor keys to code is not an option, though, or is it, with this big sibling relationship?