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  1. Growster

    Key I.d

    Remarkable eye sight, Chris. I can confirm that 2ZF is available via Aldridge without a problem.
  2. Growster

    Key I.d

    You wouldn't think, GPi, just ask Aldridge to do these?
  3. Growster

    Alternate code

    I will have a look when in the office tomorrow - lest I forget...:-)
  4. What's the code? I have come across various ones in the past, mainly ACSxx and 1Dxxx.
  5. Growster

    Milenco Key ID

    What was the outcome here, please?
  6. Looks a bit like a Burg Waechter, but the code does not resolve in Instacode. No suitable blank under Hafele (Silca book)
  7. Growster

    Abus key

    Does this one stand a chance?
  8. A typical EST reply - excellent!
  9. I am suddenly fielding 2 enquiries for INF keys. The one below is stamped 415. Instacode cannot answer this, and I have never seen the logo. Any ideas?
  10. Apart from knowing how to pronounce it, Thule should be easy-peasy. Can these be made to code? Or copied, but onto what?
  11. Growster


    I think the name is Gammet.
  12. I don't think this is a Gibbons one. Could it be a Yale? Where could I get a few from? I prefer them to code in this, rather than buying the blanks and making them myself.
  13. The client reports, that keys he had copied do not work. In my opinion, someone copying his key would mean the foreskin would have had to be filed down, to get the reader gauge into the side ward. M72D sounds like this should be available to code. Yet I have never come across a Union MD series.