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  1. I am somehow convinced of having seen such a key here before, or, worse, even having posted about one myself. The reference of this key 293. Whichblank could that be? Available on Instacode?
  2. Growster

    Key id please

    The Lowe and Fletcher 92 series repeats every 200 numbers. 92279 has a bitting of 31122, just what this key 92679 seems to have.
  3. 7 years ago, I bought such keys here: VAN OSTA ROOSENDAAL BV tel. +31/165/555550 fax. +31/165/558282 If I remember rightly, these are a Dutch locksmith. I am sure they'll speak English. Sobinco is from Belgium, but they may have refused to sell to me directly, I don't remember.
  4. http://www.boerkey.eu/index.php?path=51_47_1 Borkey goes into quite some detail about their keys, wow. Do these little dimples mean that the lock has a sidebar, so as to create individual profiles for dealers?
  5. Instacode proposes an XP1 series, which can possibly cut this key, if one leaves out the NX in the code. But which blank to use?
  6. Growster

    Silca Fastbit 11

    Never heard of it, thank you for the hint. Fastbit II Fastbit II is the key cutting machine from Silca to duplicate bit, double bit, pump, mail box, central stop and special keys. Overview Features Applications
  7. Growster

    IDC Stamped keys

    International Door Controls may be able to help, too. http://www.int-door-controls.co.uk/
  8. RC7R has 1 set of codes in Instacode, and I will be making 2 keys from that series. Thanks for the hint with the blank.
  9. Has anyone come across this key before? The stamping is a bit irrational, the "1" is on it's head - or it isn't.
  10. Growster

    Tessi shutter key

    I resorted to just buying originals from Aldridges.
  11. Well, it's a 7 pin key, and for a key it's pretty long. I don't think it's 8 inches long, but why bother to point that out? Where could i find a blank? The 6-pin ULOs are too short.
  12. Growster

    Abus key to code

    I have written to Instacode - I can't see this series on there. Many thanks, GP, aka Dr. Locks.
  13. Growster

    Abus key to code

    I have a photo of another DN key. This is an interesting development.
  14. I am impressed with all your Chinese connections. When you buy from them, do you do this directly, or via AliExpress?
  15. I don't think so. I have often wondered, why the importers do not provide a code list for these keys. It seems no one is gaining from the inability to make these keys to code.