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  1. Michael

    Gatemate dimple keys

    Just been asked for a couple of these and still trying to find the cutters and tracers for the Silca Matrix SX. There doesn't seem to be any listed on the Silca website that match the Triax ones Dave has mentioned above. How accurate do the cutter/tracers need to be in angle and tip diameter? Would the Triax cutter/tracers be ok to use on a Matrix SX?
  2. Michael

    Lock ID

    May be a bullet lock?
  3. I always cut these by clamping with the bottom groove now, seems to have eliminated the odd one that wasn't working!!
  4. HD B602/2 SKS 559/1
  5. Maybe HD ALP4???
  6. Michael

    Side shields

    I was just looking at them, slightly different but the closest I've seen.
  7. Michael

    shoe stretcher parts

    Sorry, when I said spares I meant I had bought last feet, but if anyone would have replacement parts it would be Standard. Looks like a new stretcher then!!
  8. Michael

    shoe stretcher parts

    I got spares from Standard Engineering, try them.
  9. Michael

    Storing sheeting

    I use something like this Can't remember where I got it from or how much as I've had it a few years.
  10. I prefer cutting originals, I've got 5 left but will be using the JMA ones I have in stock after and won't be getting originals again!! BTW, what is the code for the Silca blanks, is it MGN1RP? I'd prefer a blank that looks similar to the original at least!!
  11. Michael

    Assa Flexcore

    Thanks! All sorted, original supplier found and passed on to school.
  12. Just had a school ring me about supplying ASSA Flexcore keys for their classrooms. They have the code 8NA3094/B1 on the key but no paperwork, the shop they normally use has closed down. Is it possible to get blanks for these or are they order by code? Best place/price? Thanks.
  13. Michael

    Old Jag key

  14. I buy them from ebay, search through and find the ones with the washer on the back. you can get loads of colours and sizes usually with a fitting tool.
  15. PLASTIC!!! IN THE SEA!!! OMG!!
  16. Michael

    Watch tools

    Just looking at a new press, with the Robur one does it come with the center shaft and retaining spring or do these have to be purchased as well? On Cousins website they are priced individually but didn't know if they were spares!
  17. I prefer the composite diamond for glass, and keep the feed rate down to about 0.3m/min
  18. Michael

    New Era Key ID

    SKS are also out of stock!! https://www.sks.co.uk/genuine-era-6-pin-cyl-key-blank
  19. Michael

    Alternative Movement?

    Citizen 6850 but looks like its also obsolete!! No other alternatives as far as I can make out.
  20. I always clamp these in the bottom flute rather than the back edge, always use genuine blanks as well, never get any back now.
  21. Michael

    Description please

    The one that's bugging me at the moment that I'm constantly getting.... "Can I have some laces please?" "Yes, what length would you like?" "Don't know!!" "How many holes down one side?" "Don't know!!" WHY WOULD ANYONE GO OUT TO BUY LACES WITHOUT MEASURING THE OLD ONES OR HAVING THE SLIGHTEST CLUE TO WHAT LENGTH THEY NEED!!! Honestly, it drives me batty, I end shrugging my shoulders and saying " well if you don't know then I've got no chance!!"
  22. https://www.zipperstation.co.uk/store/Silver-Teeth-c19024197
  23. Cellulose paint is better than blacking fluid for solid brass!! It actually fills the engraving slightly and has a shiny finish, where as blacking fluid is just a chemical reaction that makes it look like the lettering is dirty.