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  1. I'm just thinking from my perspective, I'm a small independent shoe repair shop with only me working and no website. I don't do too bad on trophy orders, although last year lost my biggest one to an internet company. More often that not with the bigger orders I'm doing them with free engraving and sometimes with a discount as well to secure the order. I can only see this as a benefit for me as I haven't got to spend time during the day or even working late or Sundays engraving!
  2. I normally cut them on these...https://www.davenport-burgess.com/products/A1045-AMERICAN-CYLINDER-BLANK/P129018
  3. XRU9CS is slightly smaller but may not be high enough.
  4. looks wrong way round to me, should be UL1R, NR9CS cut down!!
  5. Michael

    Key id please

    Could possibly try HD WMS7??
  6. Anyone recognise this? Closest I’ve spotted is HD EU13R (XH1214) but thought I’d ask before I order. Thanks.
  7. Anyone have one of these in stock or know an alternative that is easily available...http://www.stylewatch.com/sunon/homepage.asp?Page=ProdDetail&CID=1006&PID=116944 I'm struggling to find one this size with small seconds! It comes from a watch that is supposed to be £425rrp!!! I have found the watch on fleabay for £19.99 so will speak to customer first to see if he thinks it's real.
  8. Just received this order from SKS!!
  9. Michael


    One of the funniest programs on tv at the moment!!
  10. Michael

    The Vistool Owners Club

    That's your old age rubbing off on me!!! Told you I was confused....
  11. Michael

    The Vistool Owners Club

    Have you tried U-marq?
  12. Michael

    Mastergrave universal machine service

    As far as I'm aware Mastergrave don't support these anymore, any parts are through U-marq. I was give a number for a guy called Mervyn who services them, I think I got it from Pantograph Services. I haven't used them yet but need to get it done, if you get it done let me know approximate costs!! If you want the number, PM me and I'll send it over as not sure if he'll want it put up on a public forum!!
  13. Michael

    Key ID

    https://www.davenport-burgess.com/products/1617-ILCO-FIC-BLANK/P129823 Thanks, this is the blank but doesn't look wide enough to me!! Will order some and try.
  14. Michael

    The Vistool Owners Club

    Sorry,the old onion is correct, I forgot to add that you should choose the .exe execution file!!
  15. Michael

    The Vistool Owners Club

    If you right click on a job file it should give you a menu, click properties at the bottom. Next to "opens with" is a change button, search for Vistool, it needs to be a .SDR file. Make sure the box at the bottom is ticked " Always use the selected program to open this type of file". Fingers crossed!!
  16. I've just bought a secondhand lancer plus and need to get a spare blade. It has an SKS blade in it already, but is there much difference in these and genuine Silca ones in regards to how long they'll last seeing as genuines are double the price? ( I know it depends on number of keys cut, but just a general guide???)
  17. ...or a Victore De Banke!!!