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  2. Michael

    Watch tools

    Just looking at a new press, with the Robur one does it come with the center shaft and retaining spring or do these have to be purchased as well? On Cousins website they are priced individually but didn't know if they were spares!
  3. I prefer the composite diamond for glass, and keep the feed rate down to about 0.3m/min
  4. Michael

    New Era Key ID

    SKS are also out of stock!! https://www.sks.co.uk/genuine-era-6-pin-cyl-key-blank
  5. Michael

    Alternative Movement?

    Citizen 6850 but looks like its also obsolete!! No other alternatives as far as I can make out.
  6. I always clamp these in the bottom flute rather than the back edge, always use genuine blanks as well, never get any back now.
  7. Michael

    Description please

    The one that's bugging me at the moment that I'm constantly getting.... "Can I have some laces please?" "Yes, what length would you like?" "Don't know!!" "How many holes down one side?" "Don't know!!" WHY WOULD ANYONE GO OUT TO BUY LACES WITHOUT MEASURING THE OLD ONES OR HAVING THE SLIGHTEST CLUE TO WHAT LENGTH THEY NEED!!! Honestly, it drives me batty, I end shrugging my shoulders and saying " well if you don't know then I've got no chance!!"
  8. https://www.zipperstation.co.uk/store/Silver-Teeth-c19024197
  9. Cellulose paint is better than blacking fluid for solid brass!! It actually fills the engraving slightly and has a shiny finish, where as blacking fluid is just a chemical reaction that makes it look like the lettering is dirty.
  10. https://www.davenport-burgess.com/products/A1045-AMERICAN-CYLINDER-BLANK/P129018
  11. Michael

    Key id

    If you want genuine blanks...https://www.davenport-burgess.com/products/KM1BOX-GENUINE-MASTER-BLANK/P128594
  12. Michael

    Easter weekend

    I'm trying, and hate giving up but not sure where it's all going! As I've said before, I honestly think high street retail is on it's arse, and I can't see any way back in the foreseeable future. My wife wants me to shut and get another job but I've worked here since I was 15 and owned the business for 25 years and it's hard to let go. Things are not desperate yet, and some days give you hope but then things like this happen! Maybe I do need a complete work-life change.
  13. Michael

    Easter weekend

    Had Friday off....came in Saturday to find some kind (a**e) soul had put their fist through my front window!!! Two short weeks in school holidays, in a time when trade's not good anyway, and now out of pocket with this! I'm honestly getting to the point of giving in, totally F***ed off with it all
  14. When any of you make signs out of brass,slate or any materials that need infill, do you also lacquer them afterwards or is the cellulose weatherproof? Still quite inexperienced in the sign making side of computerised engraving,but some of your work pictured here looks great and is very inspiring. I will try some sample work to put in my window to hopefully encourage a few more sales. Also , how do you work out pricing on your signs.I use my trophy company's price list for brass or laminate signs but then order materials and engrave myself for a much bigger profit margin.Signs like slate numbers I just order from house nameplate company but profit margins are not very good. I would like to be cheaper than competition without cutting my own throat or guessing at prices and being caught out with the returning customer being told a different price, making me look very unproffesional,which I have to admit I have done a couple of times recently!! !!
  15. Michael

    ETA 956.112 for Braille Watch

    The picture on Cousins website looks like it has some type of cap on the pinion, not sure if it's a screw though!!
  16. Good idea...until the customer loses or forgets the receipt!!
  17. Might be a pain in the arse, but what about a simple letter stamp on each key with staff members initial or allocated number. Awkward on some blanks and time consuming on large orders but it's your reputation that's at stake!!
  18. I took an old bench grinder and removed the grinding wheels, bought some polishing mops with spindle mounts and some bars of different grade polishing compounds from Cousins. Works a treat on pewter, even done some gold and silver jewellery. Local jeweller charges £25 to remove engraving and they send it away, I charge £20 and can do it more or less straight away!
  19. Michael


    This was the one I used to use.
  20. Michael

    Clasp for bag

    Google tucktite bag clasps, lots of sizes and colours from different companies. I've bought from a couple of different companies, Cox the saddler shop, bag-clasps.co.uk are a couple
  21. Michael

    capacitor MT416

    Cousins?? Royal Mail won't take hazardous items so have to go by courier, although not normally that price!!
  22. Michael

    Three for a tenner? Really?

    It's happening everywhere!! My high street is dead, Argos will be moving to the out-of-town Sainsburys in June, another nail in the coffin. I'm hanging on by the skin of my teeth but I don't know for how much longer I want to just scrape by. Seems to be too hard to make money nowadays, especially in retail. If the big guys like Maplin, New Look etc. are all shutting down what hope do us little guys have!