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  1. kieth a quick question   how much  for a 2nd hand dn76?





    1. keithm




      I have one for sale at present, second hand and in excellent order, £2500 plus delivery and VAT.





  2. Sure, but I wouldn't buy it! It may even be a machine that was bought in from Europe and badged as a 'Standard' machine as the font on the machine name is very 'Euro' looking.
  3. We have nothing on this machine. To my eyes it's a 50's machine, maybe early 60's at best. As it was number twelve of a batch, I would guess there weren't many made as we've never seen one before! Peter?
  4. I have never seen one before and would have said it ws never made had I not seen it on E-Bay. I'll do a little research, don't hold ya bref!
  5. Brick Engraving

    Laser? My guess is it would 'black' rather than engrave, but properly done it might suffice?
  6. Yep, thats why production of the 700X stopped, it didn't fill the niche, so we developed the 750 followed by the 'Micro', which does fill the niche at only 85cm wide!
  7. Here's one we refurbed for a customer a few years ago, nice compact little machine which looked new after we did it! Similar in some ways to the Micro Finisher with similar tooling, the brushes are on one shaft on the 700X but on a tumble section on the 'Micro' to save even more space http://www.standardgroup.co.uk/shoe-repair-machines/new-micro-finisher-and-micro-unit
  8. Two different machines. The 'Concept 90' was indeed as Peter describes, but the 700X is a different machine. I like it.
  9. Introduction.....

  10. For those interested, here are the rider details of the rider we will be supporting in the BSB Supersport catagory this year, follow his progress on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/jamieperrin75/
  11. It's probably the 700x being sold by Clinton
  12. I have one suggestion, the blue txt on a blue background doesn't work as it blends in too much, white would be better! It's used in a few areas at the top and bottom of the pages.
  13. quick question how much for a claese patcher on a stand ?

    quic ?k question keith how much for a claese patcher on a motor stand
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    2. Tom D
    3. Tom D

      Tom D

      a long shot you wouldn't have a top ( am cover for a k and b outsoler

    4. keithm


      A long shot indeed, these covers are scrapped on Outsoler's when we refurbish them as they have no value :wink:

  14. I'm getting used to it and I feel it's better, once I had signed in and updated my profile
  15. Thanks guy's, i'll be in touch