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  1. A couple of rules I used to apply whenever I stitched for the Trade were: I will stitch your shoes, no one uses my machine! I will groove your shoes as I know my groover is set to my machine (very important) Lastly, you will pay me to do it (£5 per pair back in 2002 when I finished shoe repairing) Never had a problem with Trade stitching
  2. Great song.............
  3. keithm

    leather sole groove

    This is the old style groover and no longer available. We have a superior tool now and it's this one: https://www.standardgroup.co.uk/shoe-repair-news/getting-groovy Lasts much longer, easier to use and gives a superior groove Note, the whole assembly is different so you need the complete tool. Cost is £99-83 plus Vat, carriage free to Forum members
  4. If we have it, we'll share it
  5. Here is a pic and description of the item above.
  6. keithm

    shoe stretcher parts

    No spares for this part I'm afraid. Last feet only.
  7. Well the Raffenbuel finisher isn't worth anything
  8. keithm

    Favour needed

    Sorted by Lee Ffrench Cheers fella!
  9. keithm

    Favour needed

    Happy to pay/compensate costs btw
  10. Hi All We have a member of staff leaving and retiring next week. To that end, I need a wooden plinth and an engraved plate with the following dimensions: Approx 30cm x 10cm With an engraved plate and 4 lines of engraving. If you can help, please message me for the detail. Thanks in advance.
  11. Thanks for your feedback chaps
  12. Hi All Can I ask, what your experiences are with Roland engraving machines compared to U-Marq and Gravo?
  13. I have no prices or pictures, which is why I asked in my post to PM me for the chaps details