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  1. keithm


    Thanks guys, some interesting posts
  2. keithm


    Do you carry our Shoe Repairs?
  3. Hi All I just wondered whether any of you suffer long term issues with hands, back pain and joints due to many years doing the job, so to speak? I certainly do, pain in the ****!
  4. https://www.insidermedia.com/insider/northwest/maven-backs-high-spec-door-firms-20m-mbo
  5. The problem will be the extra length screw required to put it all together
  6. keithm

    Embracing change

    Just apply a minimum charge and most will oblige, that's if you can't stomach the 1 in 50 customers that do it! All part of customer service in my book
  7. No, but he always told me to tread carefully, had a great grip on life, was always in the groove and had a rubbery personality!
  8. Yep, fudge wheel it is! To quote Yoda!
  9. keithm


    is the locking wafer jammed?
  10. I was on this site earlier today and while I was there, I had a look for the sharpening system I used to use many moons ago and I know it has been recommended by a few here, but here's a link for anyone that might be interested in it, it's a great piece of kit: https://www.axminster.co.uk/tormek
  11. keithm

    Mortice key help pls

    I would ask the customer what happens when he tries to turn the key, if it gets stiffer as he turns it then our belief that the bit is too wide stands up.
  12. keithm

    Mortice key help pls

    The gauge doesnt like right to me and the bit looks a little wide
  13. Ha ha! I know, it's just that most people would not read that right and see the £40k as salary, which I clearly never stated, heh ho. We took our reps off the road years ago for all the above reasons. With customers always wanting the best price, we have to be very careful on costs