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  1. keithm

    Favour needed

    Sorted by Lee Ffrench Cheers fella!
  2. keithm

    Favour needed

    Happy to pay/compensate costs btw
  3. Hi All We have a member of staff leaving and retiring next week. To that end, I need a wooden plinth and an engraved plate with the following dimensions: Approx 30cm x 10cm With an engraved plate and 4 lines of engraving. If you can help, please message me for the detail. Thanks in advance.
  4. Thanks for your feedback chaps
  5. Hi All Can I ask, what your experiences are with Roland engraving machines compared to U-Marq and Gravo?
  6. keithm

    Lynx power unit

    Interesting, things are a changing! I look forward to seeing how this pans out. thanks for the update Pete.
  7. I have no prices or pictures, which is why I asked in my post to PM me for the chaps details
  8. keithm

    Lynx power unit

    Could the site current owners talk to Tony Driver at Cutting Edge to re- establish the downloaded magazine?
  9. Hi All A friend of mine is selling up and wants to sell his key machines etc, the list is as follows: 15 SKS boards, new type, fully stocked Lancer Plus Rekord Plus Tibbe Machine Hurricane Laser Machine All machines in excellent order. Please PM for his details. Cheers
  10. keithm

    Lynx power unit

    Ooops, it helps if you look in the right edition!
  11. keithm

    Lynx power unit

    Ha ha, both me and Gary looked for it!
  12. keithm

    Lynx power unit

    No advert in this edition of the Magazine, are you sure it's not in a past edition?
  13. As part of the GDPR update excercise, we at Standard have commenced an internal audit of our procedures and as part of this excercise have updated our Privacy Policy on our Website. For anyone that is interested or wants to check it, please find it here: http://www.standardgroup.co.uk/privacy-policy Keith
  14. keithm

    Lynx power unit

    I couldn't find a Lynx Power Unit for sale at all the Lynx is now obsolete anyway, just a few consumables like brushes and cutters available.