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    Maybe they will accept Sainsbury gift cards, try swiping it in the slot to see?
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    Happy Dude

    Three for a tenner? Really?

    people are idiots, a woman came in " how much for 3 Yale's", I'm £3.95 so I says £11.85, so with a smirk on her face she says "Asda 3 for a tenner." I said "so you're holding a multi national, multi billion pound company's cheap deal over my head for £1.85 when this shop is my only source of income"? "Well I never thought about it like that" They're £11.85 for three, do you want them or not?" "OK, here's £12.00 I'll go and wait out in my car" I cut the keys, waved at her to come in and she waved me to come out to the car, "here's your keys and here's your 15p change" "just keep the change" "No, take it, nice car by the way", (brand spanking new Audi TT £30K+ probably) "oh yes it's very nice" "and you tried to haggle with me for £1.85, see ya...!!" I have seen her several times since with shoes and keys, she admits that she never gave it a milliseconds thought that small shops should be more expensive than big shops but now shops in the high street as much as she can... I blame that wee mockney #### Dominic Littlewood, I saw him on TV recently telling everyone High Street shops are ripping you off and you should haggle for everything, he even boasted about haggling over a bottle of ketchup and was proud as punch he got 20p off of it claiming everyone was having a great time while he haggled, try that in my shop you dick. What a tosser...
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    Spot the Mistake?

    He's got no heels on his shoes. Must have had a shit repair at Timpsons.
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    Range cutter blades

    Always the same in this trade, we buy a piece of equipment and 72 years later no parts available.
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    Probably in the caravan...
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    Gluing Vibram soles On Doc Martens

    tell me what style/size of unit you want and ill send you units and glue to do the job, ill pre-solution soles for you as well you can pay me by paypal carry on!
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    Gluing Vibram soles On Doc Martens

    And to back up what Rick says, this is a professional forum to help each other out. We have had many people ask how to do things, and everyone has helped each other out, whether they be the trade or the public. There is no excuse whatsoever to abuse someone who is simply asking for help. Any future abuse like the disgusting language that was used will simply end you up with a lifetime ban. Jay I'm sorry about the language used, and I hope you don't see it as a reflection of the forum as a whole.
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    Mick Friend

    Stiffening leather

    Thanks Bargy you T**T I have a burned todger now......
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    Stanley Mishap

    Sums up my life...

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    Mind you I really don't think my new e-pos system helps.
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    cowers lane 583

    Description please

    Customer came in for a pair of shoes, but had lost the repair receipt. "OK, could I have your name and a brief description!" I asked. She gave me her name and said. " pink and in a plastic bag" Thinking of what shoes were available I was puzzled, then realized, "I'm sorry , have you just described the repair receipt to me?" " Yes, the shoes were brown sandals."
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    Description please

    This is normally followed up by “is there a pair in there or just one lace?”
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    Paper bags

    I agree that it looks very slick, but the point I was making is that it adds to the plastic waste that ends up in the oceans and land fill etc. These bags are used perhaps only for minutes before being discarded. Cost isn't an issue, which is why a paper bag even if more costly might be the solution.
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    society of master shoe repairers

    Good morning gentlemen. ( and ladies) Some of you will perhaps remember me from my time in the trade. I have agreed, during a senior momentary lapse of concentration, to act as temporary secretary for SOMSR. At present I'm working my way through the backlog of paperwork and hopefully will have that under control very shortly. i will try, with the help of the Chairman and others, to deliver a more involved society. We value the historic position of SOMSR and hope to make it a more attractive and useful society to be a member of. I am not an expert on social media so please be patient whilst I work out how to get that side of things back on track As soon as I can I will provide my personal contact details and if anyone wishes to get in touch I will be delighted to speak with them. Regards Robin Healy
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    Silca Futura Pro

    Hell of an outlay Rick when Graham will get them to you next day. I wouldn't even think about investing in anything now at my age. I struggled with myself to buy a new hole punch last week......
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    cowers lane 583

    Must of misheard.

    Customer ( either foreign or possibly a speech impediment.) came in on Friday. I could of swore he asked " have you got any bollocks?" "Yes I've got a lovely pair of bollocks, thanks for asking!" I replied, being honest. "No, wollocks!" I sold him a wallet.
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    Glasses, Suing the forum

    I had to start wearing glasses today, I'm suing the forum for eye strain in the early days. On the plus side I've realised today my inability to thread a needle the past 12 months, is not down to shaking hands but wonky eyes.
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    Another typical vender, No cost, no location, no contact details Com'on Kenneth give um a clue.
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    Gluing Vibram soles On Doc Martens

    Iam not a cobbler and so cant help you with the docs, but I can tell you that abusive responses are not normal on this forum. I hope the responce you received has not put you off visiting again.
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    Gluing Vibram soles On Doc Martens

    I'd take them to a reputable repairer. And I'm sorry Steelcityshoes but 50/50 would stick a Vibram unit to a Doc Martin boot with proper preparation. But I'd recommend like for like on Doc Martens. Easy repair with the right units and right adhesive............. Tom D lighten up mate you are doing the trade and yourself no good.....You'll have a stroke or heart attack..... Lighten up fella...........Let the guy try, we all know he'll make a balls of it so what's the problem. I think JaySpencer has fallen foul of something alot of people have ie. cobblers who can't be arsed. I turn very little away, I'll have a go at anything, I like the challenge. OK so I'm 64 but I'm still learning. If you want to send them to me JaySpencer I'll have a look. If you have messed them up I'll tell you.
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    Jay, where are you based? We might be able to recommend someone near to you who can do them for you. Some guys on here also do postal work. Tom is annoyed, because recently the rise of these eBay sellers trying to cash in selling repair materials and things has contributed to many hardworking guys going out is business. You say you’re a mechanic, I wouldn’t try and fix my own car, I’d leave it to you. There’s a lot more to shoe repair than a bit of glue. You rightly said that in the factory they are heat bonded, don’t try this, the fumes are toxic and won’t work with a vibram sole. While some Vibram soles can go on Docs without an issue, not all of them can. Likewise with glue, it’s not just a case of painting it on and on top of that, one glue won’t bond all materials. For example 5050 won’t stick a Vibram sole to a Doc boot. You are honestly best just taking them to a different shoe repairer. You’ll end up spending a lot more time and money doing it yourself and you may not have success
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    Paper bags

    We have paper bags and always have used them. However, of late most customers don't want a bag at all. We will never be using plastic bags. Customers often bring their shoes in carrier bags but I tell them to keep the bag and bring it in when they want to collect. Don't get me on my high horse again about plastic! There is far too much being used in our trade uneccessarily to supply materials. It's about time suppliers got with it and started promoting more environmentally friendly solutions. At the risk of going off topic, I'm not even sure which rubber/PU products are manufactured from recycled materials if any? We should know I think.
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    I find these sale topics hilarious Composes a listing, but omits to add contact details and doesn't respond to replies in a whole month of initial listing the items
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    cowers lane 583

    Spot the Mistake?

    Is it that they failed to show an ethnically diverse, gender fluid police force?
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    Mick Friend

    Always seem to come in 3's

    imagine them in the queue at the pearly gates