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    Some time ago I had a moan about the fact Glenway put 100 trophy plates in a box and charged £7.99 carriage when they could have gone in a jiffy bag. Tim picked it up on it and thought it was ridiculous. Just ordered 100 more. Guess what?
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    These machines are doing more

    Do you reckon one day you will be able to put your head in a machine to get a hair cut
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    Happy Dude

    These machines are doing more

    They took the one out of the asda closest to me and the staff point folk in my direction, I think they were fed up with the complaints. The sainsburys along from me have a Johnsons cutting keys but only 1 or 2 in there know what to do and the others send them to me for anything other than a straight yale. The only thing is the hagglers, "£10 for three keys in asda" why are you in here then?? "I got them and they did not work" Mine are £10 for three keys that don't work, £13.50 for three at actually will work.
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    I can do all those graham
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    Trendsetting Awards


    Hi Everyone, Thank you all for the recommendations! If there is anything we can do please don't hesitate to contact us. Many Thanks, Trendsetting Awards
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    customer service in question

    Why not just cut a new key or else give him/her the money back!! Done more damage to himself and the trade because of his arrogance in my opinion! I had some keys back yesterday. I'm at a loss! The customer had to get them cut elsewhere in the end as they needed them and weren't local. They were branded ZOO cylinder keys so I've no idea why they wouldn't go in the lock and she didn't bring the original with her. But to be honest, it may just have been me having a moment and not selecting the right key. Gave her the money back and kindly asked if she could please drop by with the original so that I could know my mistake. I'm sure that approach goes a lot further with the customer than making them out a liar.
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    mvp pro

    currently got 70 tokens left on it open to offers of the monetary kind 07789726023 carry on!
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    Renata gold.

    almost double the price we pay for std renata, dont see the point in trying to upsell these , just somthing else to stock and not a full range. maybe in time the market will change but not at the moment.
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    Union Key ID

    Yea but if you charged £30, you could lose twice as much on the tables
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    Seem to have missed it..... You sure it's not in October Mick?
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    Several phone calls. First on the morning the first order arrived with missing items and no engraving plates. The second call the day after, when the same wrong engraving plates arrived (that was on the morning of the school assembly) the third call when it arrived with the very same wrong plates. I was told someone would get back to me and sort it out. This happend the next 3 days. Rang, "we'll get back to you" and nothing. Much better to phone? Tell them that !!
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    Another bloody lock

    If you look at the blanks you will see the LF4 picks up the Right hand side of the wafer (differ side) the LF8 picks up the Left hand side (master side). Look inside a lock at the wafers and you will see the steps for each side.
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    Another bloody lock

    LF8 is the master blank Rick, use the 92 Depth keys.
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    Forest Cobbler


    As yet we have not lost any customers, big or otherwise, due to Glenway or any other supplier. Maybe that's just our good luck. But I do think that, when it's an important problem like this, it's better to phone rather than email.
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    And when bad service from said company loses said customers? I emailed the MD (Tim) and got this reply: "I’m out the country at the moment. I will make sure someone who like me cares about customer service , gets back within 30 minutes Apologies if I was in the office it would have been sorted by me personally Regards" I responded saying they would get in touch quick when they wanted money. I got an email 30 mins later saying they were looking into it and would get back to me. The next contact I had was the bill. I forwarded it to Tim with "I was saying?...." on the 1st August. Nothing back yet. I have lost a big customer due to this.
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    just seen this

    and a burnishing compound and then wiped off. Should be easy to do.
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    keyline carat machine problem

    sorted it thanks I searched the forum and got my answer yes I should of done that first what a knob
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    Make of movement?

    eBay item number: 382326495947
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    just seen this

    I would say it's ordinary photo engraving then milled out round the edge and solder a jump ring to the top, maybe??
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    I had similar trouble with the ZOO cylinder blanks a few months ago. Tried a few different blanks before ordering genuine ZOO blanks that seemed to solve the problem
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    These machines are doing more

    Stick your business card on them.
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    cowers lane 583

    These machines are doing more

    Feedback seems to be they are poor. As Kobblers said, people don't like using them. I would say though, vending machines tend to be the same price or more than sweet shops, but I still don't see them as a threat. And I'm not interested on matching them for price, most key cutters offer a far more comprehensive service.
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    Biker carrier key

    You're a bloody diamond, exp! Rick.
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    Fast Fix Elgin

    Good Idea or bad Idea

    We have a back room shoe repair workshop with a window into the front shop and a beep/bop door sensor it works for us
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    x minit uk

    Renovating Light Tan Shoes

    Have you tried rubbing the black area with a piece of crepe, this usually removes most marks like that and then polish as normal with a quality product.