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    trade job,trophy plate pleas...

    many thanks to Rick(Kobblers) for doing this for me.Another thing that shows how the guys on this forum will go above & beyond to help each other out many thanks once again Rick Allan
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    my silca viper is the one machine id never get rid of , if it died id buy another straight away , this has been a loyal hard working machine thats never missed a beat , i suspect it will outlive my ninja laser and A6 and still be cutting keys long after these have died. yes it wont do some of the new keys such as vag with side cut , but its robust and almost bomb proof and what it does do it does very well , a gem of a machine that i suspect will still be working hard for me long after this generation of futura have died.
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    Mick Friend

    Would this be unprofessional?

    yep no worries -if you have a local shop that would take them and give him a couple of questions to ask - how many and what type of key and where do they fit?
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    Would this be unprofessional?

    Absolutely or alternatively leave a note on your window/ shutters with an alternative collection point. Don't mention spanish keys so you will know she is genuine when collecting.
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    Can anyone tell me what this is?

    Looks more like a welt roller/fudge wheel combination. Rick.
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    Already ordered. Not the customers fault I don’t have it and going to the extra effort is going to be worth more to my reputation than an extra couple of quid in the till. That’s my view anyway
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    Key cut to code?

    Pm me your address and i will do one for you.
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    would you clean these

    Maybe that's all his/her customer base will allow? I've worked all over the place and I know for a fact that where you could charge a tenner for a job in certain areas, in other places you'd struggle to get 4 quid, especially in poorer market or seaside towns. At the end of the day you've got to cut your cloth accordingly.
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    Need to get a bloody life.

    Stop hijacking my thread, ya bunch o' gits! Rick.
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    flexpin dowels

    They work the same as regular ones but they are thicker and come in smaller head sizes. They’re on sale at the minute and running at 4 times the price of usual PU’s. They are useful for things like Louboutins and Jimmy Choo’s but unless you get a lot in, I don’t think I’d bother getting them
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    Count Muppet

    flexpin dowels

    They do. but they seem to be stronger and can trim smaller because of the metal head that they sit on
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    Miracle A5 Wanted

    Enigma. Please read this topic and let me know if you agree with the terms. Once you have, I will open up your reply for viewing by the other members. Rick.
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    Would this be unprofessional?

    I'd chance it. She'll probably be grateful that you went the extra mile to contact her. Rick.
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    Looks like a heavy duty fudge wheel
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    x minit uk

    Can anyone tell me what this is?

    Could be for closing down the channel after being stitched.
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    Count Muppet

    flexpin dowels

    Go to http://www.tcolledgeandson.com/ type “Inflex” into search bar without “ “
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    Silca Delta FO Tibbie key cutting machine

    Penny hasn't dropped yet for some Rick.
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    Count Muppet


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    Codex Lite

    Codex Lite Eprom kit in good condition, little used - £425 Call me if you want to come n look - 07966 515164 Donation if sold on here
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    Key id please

    Hello and welcome. Introduce yourself here http://shoerepairer.info/forum/57-new-members-say-hi-sponsored-by-citysafeuk/. Tell us a bit about yourself
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    Note to any new members: Any post created for the purposes of selling will have to be approved by the Admin and Moderating Team. This is to stop people using the site purely for profit. Any new members or accounts created (i.e. members who have joined for less than 12 months and/or not contributed at least 20 times to forum threads) will be required to pay an up-front donation of £20 to the Jimmy Mizen Fund before your advertising post will be approved. A link to the forum charity is https://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/fundraiser-display/showROSomeoneSpecialPage?pageUrl=ShoeRepairerForum Any current members or accounts are allowed to advertise for free, as long as they have been a member for at least 12 months and contributed to forum threads at least 20 times. They must guarantee that they will donate to the fund once the sale is complete. Anyone contravening this will be warned once and then banned for any further infractions, on top of being named and shamed. Rick.
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    Need to get a bloody life.

    Here is my toy Mark 1 MX5 number 100 of 250, 1st Anniversary Edition. Love an MX5
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    Davenport Burgess catalogues can be viewed online or PDFs downloaded. Here's the link: https://www.davenport-burgess.com/catalogues