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    Level of service at SKS

    All I will say to some of the comments here is the following: It takes years to gain knowledge on key cutting and it's more difficult now due to electronic keys etc dominating the car market, along with a massive increase in types of key sections and designs now available. Judging by the many posts on Key ID on here, you're all still learning, so any salesman will wait a long time till he catches up with you guys. In addition, most Companies cannot afford to have too many 'on the road reps' as there has been in the past and as such, there is a shortfall of good advice to hand, most advice is now given by companies via phone or e-mail. This is the only way for Wholesalers/Manufacturers to stay competitive in a very competitive market, that's just the way it is. As for the 'Reps' left on the road, I think many will do 5-7 years with a Company, if that long, then move on to other industries thus leaving a dearth of knowledgeable people to rely on, it's a difficult problem to solve.
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    Dimple keys

    I have started to use an old toothbrush for cleaning old dimple originals with a bit of WD40. My impression is that this yields better copies. Just have to make sure I don't mix it up with my regular toothbrush
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    Dimple keys

    They are a pain even on the Triax when they customers key is worn so it is more an issue with the key rather than the machine. Luckily when we decode a customers key it will tell me if it relates to a valid key number if it does not i know it is incorrect and this can save a lot of time cutting a key that won't work.
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    New genuine patented Yale key 5 pin !

    For those who don't already know, the 5 Pin Yale patented version is out now. Shortening the patented longer version doesn't work neither the copy blank. Need to order the originals available now from SKS, DP and Tcolledge . Reference ; Y42A SKS: YL-KBB hd = XGC081
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    Punctuation, capital letters, paragraph's, correctly spelt, well written.... Are you sure your a shoe repairer.
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    How to fill/glue split in thick New Rock sole

    A few years ago you'd have repaired them and posted a tutorial lol
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    Unfortunately, clever marketing with flatteringly-worded descriptions and photos, will always seduce customers into ordering inferior products online. There'll always be that kind of market now. We all know a pair of Loake/Barker/Cheaney are far superior but it's very difficult to prove that online to a cash-strapped member of Joe Public. They don't take them apart and re-build them on a daily basis like we do and see how poor they are! Hopefully, most people will only make that mistake once, before investing in the tried and trusted, quality brands!
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    The Worksop Heel Bar

    Dimple keys

    I would recommend the Mustang, can't fault it and it has helped us expand the amount of keys which we can do. As with any new machine, cutting keys on it will be slow while you get used to it but as we found eventually cutting keys like ISEO R6 now takes less than a minute to do. The Mustang is also a great machine as it comes with lots of cutters and adapters as standard so you won't need to worry about shelling out more money for extra adapters. The pictures are from the manual that say which adapters and cutters are included.
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    If you don't want to go to the expense of replacement soles, get a tube of Stormsure Urethane and squeeze that into the gap and let it dry for 24-48 hours. As long as the rubber has not gone porous and crumbly that may hold them for a while. Worth a go for less than a tenner!!
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    Broken fake.

    Ask for a copy of the receipt so you can see how much it cost. I bet they do not have one, offer a good will gesture payment if it is a good regular customer otherwise advise them to go to trading standards and that will be an end to it.
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    Level of service at SKS

    I use to have staff in my shop & I thought "Why am I out fitting locks I hate fitting locks " just to pay their wages & I'd always take more in the shop when I was in there & to pay someone full time I'd have to double my turn over . Anyway from a suppliers point of view the most powerful tool you have is having a good website I don't always go by price , emails for deals & new products .If I want to know about a new product I ask on a few forums , I'd never trust what a rep says .
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    Broms Cobb

    Shop Layout

    here at the bottom of my shop we serve customer's from various place, not sure if we call it a trade counter but as my trade key customer's call in perhaps it is? (scroll to bottom of first page and look at the google streetview) http://www.bromsgrovecobbler.co.uk/
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    Laser Engraving machines

    dont buy chinese shit thats what sorrysocks (my translation) is saying! carry on!
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    Mortice key help pls

    We quite often get the "it does not turn at all" to find it turns till it hits the lever pack then stops correct information is essential in identifying problems and solutions.
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    Mortice key help pls

    Get your calipers on the flag, it looks a bit wider than the original.
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    Level of service at SKS

    Ha ha! I know, it's just that most people would not read that right and see the £40k as salary, which I clearly never stated, heh ho. We took our reps off the road years ago for all the above reasons. With customers always wanting the best price, we have to be very careful on costs
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    SEC-E9 cutting machine

    if we stopped building then the Chinese would have nothing to copy and then where would you guys be??????
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    SEC-E9 cutting machine

    it is fairly easy to have impressive fast growth when stealing someone elses design , software and work , then selling your copy cheap online as you have no development costs etc , without these costs and using inferior parts as no real guarantee given you can murder prices , and grow very fast , and as has been the case many times when the market dies , vanish ditch your customers and move on to copying something else. it may be impressive growth but its not ethical or even honest growth. it would certainly put many off from spending alot of time and money developing something new to not get a return because someone in china copies it and sells it cheaper and will have an effect on development of new products. as red tech have patents that are being infringed , i am though at a loss as to why they are not defending these and having this machine removed from sale , AD managed it with keypro m8 so it was removed from sale , and theres no copies of silca and ninja machines , so its possible to sort the copiers out if you have the patents and spend the money to stop them , so im at a loss as to why red tech are not doing so. if i was buying chinese , id buy xhorse condor as its at least their own work and not a counterfeit copy of another machine , counterfeit has become the norm but is still theft and still leaves casualties in its wake. i have a miracle A6 which is a decent machine thats used alot , but my main machines are silca and keyline machines , as a business investment they are durable long term investments that do stand the test of time and i believe long term work out cheaper as still working hard when cheaper machines need replacing often more than once , as with anything in life , you only get what you pay for .
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    SEC-E9 cutting machine

    The Chinese copy BMW & Micro soft & nothing happens . So why does our government do absolutely nothing ? At least nutty Trump is doing something on his side of the pond .
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    Count Muppet

    Dimple keys

    For dimple keys it’s definately the mustang you want. It’s got the rotating jaws you need for superior and platinum keys and comes with a few extra clamps to make other keys easier to do.
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    Another Window key assistance~!

    https://www.handlesandhinges.co.uk/ This lovely firm has a service on Facebook, where you just upload a photo of a handle, and they tell you, which key to buy. Of course, this only works in one-key-fits-all scenarios. Tried it once, no complaints yet from the end-user.
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    Hello to all...

    Fire away. Better rephrase that with you being American. Ask away.
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    avocet attkk

    You're only human like the rest of us mate.
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    Key cutting coming to an end?

    I thought he meant The Ministry of Silly Walks
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    Mick Friend

    Laser Engraving machines

    mmmm FIGHT!