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    How my lifes changed!

    How my life has changed in the past few years!' We've just published the first of 4 programs on YouTube (Sunday 6pm), featuring local cyclists (myself included week 4) Its amazing the response we've had at the local level, a great piece of marketing. Given the internet never existed when I started my journey as a cobbler, it still seems bizarre to me the growth I've achieved in the last 4 years by doing bike repairs during a quiet period. I'm now flat out morning noon & night! & bikes account for the majority of my turnover through the Spring/Summer & early Autumn period. Anyway we brought a load of lights (We, being my Son & I) a fancy camera & a macbook & a few thousand pound later we put this together!
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    Best key boards

    Here is ours these are Silca boards.
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    Magical transformation.

    1: Buy it 2: Give to customer 3: Tell customer not to come back. 4: Sleep well at night.
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    Make a poster with this image taken from you CCTV asking if anyone has seen this thief that broke into your house yesterday coursing you to close early. Job done
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    Electric wheelchair key ID

    There are 8 different keys for mobility scooters that I'm aware of and I keep one of each in stock. The key Toorex posted is one key that will do the full range of scooters made by a particular firm - they come in different head shapes, some have a black plastic cap that gets in the way when you're trying to cut therm, hence me having them already cut, in stock. Hope this helps. Rick.
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    Best key boards

    I think it’s fair to say eimco has probably just won the title of best key boards, but keep posting them
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    In the end I charged £2.50 per disc and £20.00 for the image file (I'm going to pass this on the board charity for all the help everyone gave me). Thanks everyone.
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    Stake supplier

    Lol Count Muppet i would rather eat my own feaces than give any money to timpsons.
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    Yep, from SKS. Gave up buying them. Using universals now. The rep said it was not a problem he was aware of (and we believe him!)
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    key help

    super, this forum rocks, just ordered some from jma. Thanks
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    Alternative key

    also less work than the Dat blanks as No tip - to CHOP off plug- barrel can be removed from front - grind around the cap - rim edge if unsure of code or not known as many are not stamped - making keys ! cheers ringo
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    Best key boards

    Funny Timpsons never thought of it first.
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    HPC Blitz wanted

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    mad cobbler

    Best key boards

    Can never have enough keys !! theres the full selection of mortice to the left but couldn't squeeze them in
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    The Worksop Heel Bar

    Best key boards

    2 x 7 board dispenser and a 5 board dispenser from Davenports all welded together. All boards from Davenports plus extras for new keys. Had it like this for the last year or so and still adding more keys to it. Has worked well for us.
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    Best key boards

    Make your own. Did this to save a ton of wall space. I have 9 cupboard/key boards like this. Much easier in the long run. I have 3 boards in the space of one. You can even put an addition centre board to 5 boards space in them if needed.
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    Best Supplier for Laces

    Laces???? Every customer that calls into the shop I need a pair of laces for my husband shoes! Ok what colour? are they flat? round? or cord? how many eyelets? Customer I don't know! Me neither ffs
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    Key ID please

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    Key id please

    HD LF85 is the Same as Silca LF19 the JMA Ref LF-26 is the shorter version.
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    cowers lane 583

    Minor case of tourette's

    Nearly happened to me twice today. The first I cut a key for a customer, it was for the customer's brother, who apparently is a "c*nt" ( customer's words), customer paid by card. On the card receipt I would normally initial it with a " k", instead I wrote the word "c*nt" on it. The second a well endowed woman came in, and said " I've got...." And started to root around in her handbag, I very nearly replied, " a cracking pair of funbags!"
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    how many are you after?
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    Silca IJ1
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    Key ID please

    Cannot find one Rick.