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    Have a nose around my shop

    I got the keys to my new shop 11 months ago, moved in the middle of December. It's been slow, frustrating and expensive. Did almost all the work myself, the counter is 3 scaffold boards, wood in the window is from my old infant's school, Glass partition from ebay, shelving units and glass shelves from ebay. fitted the ceiling myself. Had a gas explosion when the gas man soldered off the end of a live gas pipe (pipes had been routed from my shop to next doors flat) Glue and spray booth all ducted out of the roof. The glass is 10mm thick and seals floor to ceiling, no dust going through to the retail part Massive catering steel sink for scrubbing and steam cleaning. Full new electrics. Full new central heating. And most importantly a 3 seat sofa, coffee machine & microwave. Almost there now though just can't find any bloody thing. https://www.google.co.uk/maps/place/Durban's+Shoes+-+Repairs,+Sales+%26+Accesories/@51.7996107,-3.175739,3a,75y,90t/data=!3m8!1e1!3m6!1sAF1QipMrldYlVHrpKvcsPbCSrsvu699Uiu-J3qmdjw4!2e10!3e11!6shttps:%2F%2Flh5.googleusercontent.com%2Fp%2FAF1QipMrldYlVHrpKvcsPbCSrsvu699Uiu-J3qmdjw4%3Dw129-h106-k-no-pi-0-ya189-ro0-fo100!7i10752!8i3628!4m13!1m7!3m6!1s0x486e27d26c442661:0xed6f2e7912ac67f0!2s58+Beaufort+St,+Brynmawr,+Ebbw+Vale+NP23+4AE!3b1!8m2!3d51.799641!4d-3.1756935!3m4!1s0x486e27d2748d38fb:0x4669b39f50f586ef!8m2!3d51.799641!4d-3.175694
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    Gluing Vibram soles On Doc Martens

    tell me what style/size of unit you want and ill send you units and glue to do the job, ill pre-solution soles for you as well you can pay me by paypal carry on!
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    Gluing Vibram soles On Doc Martens

    And to back up what Rick says, this is a professional forum to help each other out. We have had many people ask how to do things, and everyone has helped each other out, whether they be the trade or the public. There is no excuse whatsoever to abuse someone who is simply asking for help. Any future abuse like the disgusting language that was used will simply end you up with a lifetime ban. Jay I'm sorry about the language used, and I hope you don't see it as a reflection of the forum as a whole.
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    Mick Friend

    Stiffening leather

    Thanks Bargy you T**T I have a burned todger now......
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    Stanley Mishap

    Sums up my life...

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    Need to get a bloody life.

    On my week off and still checking the forum about 8 times a day..... Do they do a Moderator's Anonymous? Rick.
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    Gluing Vibram soles On Doc Martens

    Iam not a cobbler and so cant help you with the docs, but I can tell you that abusive responses are not normal on this forum. I hope the responce you received has not put you off visiting again.
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    Gluing Vibram soles On Doc Martens

    I'd take them to a reputable repairer. And I'm sorry Steelcityshoes but 50/50 would stick a Vibram unit to a Doc Martin boot with proper preparation. But I'd recommend like for like on Doc Martens. Easy repair with the right units and right adhesive............. Tom D lighten up mate you are doing the trade and yourself no good.....You'll have a stroke or heart attack..... Lighten up fella...........Let the guy try, we all know he'll make a balls of it so what's the problem. I think JaySpencer has fallen foul of something alot of people have ie. cobblers who can't be arsed. I turn very little away, I'll have a go at anything, I like the challenge. OK so I'm 64 but I'm still learning. If you want to send them to me JaySpencer I'll have a look. If you have messed them up I'll tell you.
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    Jay, where are you based? We might be able to recommend someone near to you who can do them for you. Some guys on here also do postal work. Tom is annoyed, because recently the rise of these eBay sellers trying to cash in selling repair materials and things has contributed to many hardworking guys going out is business. You say you’re a mechanic, I wouldn’t try and fix my own car, I’d leave it to you. There’s a lot more to shoe repair than a bit of glue. You rightly said that in the factory they are heat bonded, don’t try this, the fumes are toxic and won’t work with a vibram sole. While some Vibram soles can go on Docs without an issue, not all of them can. Likewise with glue, it’s not just a case of painting it on and on top of that, one glue won’t bond all materials. For example 5050 won’t stick a Vibram sole to a Doc boot. You are honestly best just taking them to a different shoe repairer. You’ll end up spending a lot more time and money doing it yourself and you may not have success
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    As a lot of you will know I took a slightly different direction with my business and am beginning to create quite a strong brand in my local area. we’ve done everything we can to protect the online identity of “the brand” but one area I’d like to tighten is our YouTube identity. In order to get a custom url on YouTube you have to have 100 subscribers to your channel so I’m asking if as many of you as possible could subscribe to our Chanel so I can bag our URL if you could subscribe and stay subscribed for maybe 6months minimum (if it’s not your thing!) then hopefully we will grow generically enough so sustain our 100 subscribers! this is our latest video and you can hit the subscribe button from it Click the subscribe button on our videos https://youtu.be/aub0GX_6w_Y
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    New Stock

    I have had several reps tell me this over the years. Three years ago I bought three visi-packed upvc window restrictors and put them on prominent display, I still have one left (and I know for a fact a guy who bought one of them bought it for another use). Maybe it's just reps selling stuff, y'know, doing their job, fair enough. Maybe it's just an area thing. I'm in the North East where upvc is everywhere but people would rather spend their spare pounds on pints and a Parmo rather than security. But do window restrictors really sell so well?
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    Probably in the caravan...
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    Gluing Vibram soles On Doc Martens

    I don't remember being offensive to anyone, if I have offended anyone I apologise, I just don't believe fitting a pair of Vibram units to a D.M.upper is a very good D.I.Y project. If the D.M. have little value then by all means give it a go. My advice remains the same, if you value your D.M. then seek expert help.
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    Gluing Vibram soles On Doc Martens

    This is what a forum should be like.
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    No. A couple of warnings and if ultimately necessary, barring from the forum but we hope it should never have to come to that - it's only ever happened twice since the inception of the forum as we normally all just get along. I get it, at the end of the day people have different opinions, sometimes quite strong ones but that shouldn't preclude us all from being courteous or respectful towards one another. Rick.
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    I dread to think what customers think when visiting this site and seeing the abuse dished out to someone only wanting advice and help after being given bum information. Tom D why did you just not offer to help the guy out and offer to repair the shoes for him ?. JaySpencer not all repairers are the same Mr Bargy (Gray) will be more than happy to do the job for you in a a skilled and professional manner.
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    I’m guessing the aggression has something to do with alcohol at this time of night. the shoes can be fixed not a problem but without the right materials and equipment you won’t do a decent job. timpson have been banned by doc martins from doing the repairs in their branches now and will only supply timpson main workshop with the soles to do it. They were horrified at the quality of work coming from the shops. These people have been through training and have tools to do the job and even they have been doing a bad job. you need to find another cobbler who can do it properly for you, or drop them off to timpson to have them sent off and repaired to doc martins approved standards
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    Gluing Vibram soles On Doc Martens

    no your a cheapskate for asking how to do them if you do not have a clue then leave it alone ,plus if as you say you have pulled them off then you my wel have done more harm than good ,plus the fact who ever told you they could not be repaired should not be in the trade as they are easy to do
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    Forest Cobbler

    Mushroom pins

    I was hoping to find a tumbleweed emoji, but I can't. So you'll just have to imagine that this is rolling through on an empty breeze
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    Forest Cobbler

    Mushroom pins

    Or the wrong end of the mushroom
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    cowers lane 583


    As a father of four mixed race daughters, I would like to live in a world free of sexism or racism. However, if the next time I pick up a bottle of "shampoo" in my shower, and it's something like " conditioner for boisterous hair!" or " Eskimo themed bio body creme", I will literally dedicate my life to tipping ethnic lesbians off chairs.
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    Best quality coined keys

    Lets see them if we all put a picture of what we are getting then can judge better?
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    That could now be deemed racist/sexist nowadays.