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    Count Muppet

    Trade members

    Haha. You’d definately go far with timpson especially with a name like that.
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    Mr Bargy

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    Who'd hire an outlaw....
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    Chris @ IKS

    New Era Key ID

    There is an agreement between Aldridges and Charles Birch that Aldridges supply Silca products to the locksmith trade and Charles Birch supply Silca products to the Shoe Repair trade. That is why if you phone up Aldridges and say you are a Shoe Repairer looking to buy keys they may not supply you.
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    X T post box key

    One or more of these should fit. Silca ED4, SSO2, FRT8 JMA HEL1
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    X T post box key

    maybe ... Silca AB43
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    Count Muppet

    Heel recovering

    Looks like it will glue back on nicely. Any gaps can be fixed with the famous superglue and dust trick.
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    Range cutter blades

    Always the same in this trade, we buy a piece of equipment and 72 years later no parts available.
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    Timpson? Rick.