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    Description please

    This is normally followed up by “is there a pair in there or just one lace?”
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    So True.

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    Key ID please

    Thanks Guys, the above cods both the same (HD and JMA) Codes, I will try one once customer back today with her key. once more thanks.
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    Urgent key ID assistance please

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    Count Muppet

    Trade members

    Haha. You’d definately go far with timpson especially with a name like that.
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    Mr Bargy

    Trade members

    Who'd hire an outlaw....
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    Mick Friend

    Unusual tubular key 'Besam'

    You used Abloy and Help in the same sentence? Gosh!
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    But, just for you, I have gone gone to the bin and fished out the latest one. The others are long gone.
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    Mr Bargy

    Key ID

    Always best to look at the profile displayed rather than a picture of a key. The SKS picture is of a VI-1D but the profile is VI-7
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    Description please

    No problem Sir!
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    Forest Cobbler

    Description please

    Customer - "How much is a key?" Staff - " Depends what type of key it is" Customer - "It's for a lock" OR Customer - "Do you cut keys?" Me (on a bad day) - "No, we just have all these hanging here for decoration" Sometimes you could just scream.
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    X T post box key

    maybe ... Silca AB43
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    I thought that as there’s islands made out of it these days that are gonna be there til the end of time that it must be a suitable material
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    Marine grade stainless steel would be a better option.
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    cowers lane 583

    SKS prices

    I thinned the hook, but I also I found that this key the hole was too small irregardless of the brand. I never send faulty keys back, not worth the effort or expense, just don't order again that particular key from that particular manufacturer. This applies to any of the main suppliers.
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    SKS prices

    I've had what I think is a bad batch of Guardian mortice keys from SKS - the bits seem to be welded on in the wrong spot - leading to an asymmetrical duplication of the cut. I haven't told SKS because other times when I've tried to raise the issue I've got nowhere. Like another problem whereby the SKS branded ERA 3 lever RH keys don't fit onto the SKS hooks! I have to get my drill out and ream the hole a bit bigger. Mentioned it to SKS over a year ago - problem persists to date.
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    Erm. I think the correct term is now " Native American " helicopter.
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    Old cabinet key marked "20"

    The time I applied for the Aldridges account I already had trade & credit accounts with CB, DP Burgess, SKS, T colledge and few other suppliers, but Aldridges still refused to open an account for me. I am no longer interested anyway as the above mentioned suppliers good enough to keep my business going.
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    cowers lane 583

    New Era Key ID

    Gkb002. I think from iks.
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    Key ID

    So when a member of the forum who has some of the best knowledge about key cutting suggests a blank and you reckon it doesn't look to be the one then why ask in the first place. If you actually look on SKS website it lists the Silca VI13 as the exact same blank as the JMA one so why does it not look to be the one ??.
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    Key ID please

    559/01 559/02 on sks boards works for this, cutter misses it a tiny bit on one side but still works..otherwise eclipse key blank 660 from sks..
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    Description please

    The problem is you have to shift a lot of this stuff to justify the retail space which is almost impossible, but then without it you haven't got it to offer and your rapport on repairs may suffer which is the only reason why I haven't stopped selling the stuff.
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    Why not ask Timpson if they want to buy their old Jakey Colt back?