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    Chris @ IKS

    ABUS Key ID please

    We stock Silca AB89
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    Cutting Era (Silca ER2)

    I was doing a load of these for the ERA B/S Rim lock & noticed that they were turning clock wise but not anti clockwise , It turned out that I had to also run over the shoulder as well it hardly took anything off but made the difference , I'm also having to hold more & more Silca key blanks in one of the flutings as there is less metal below the lowest fluting , I guess to save on material. .
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    yale ID

    It's a minute for every year of your life on the naughty step Bob. I don't think you're 10.
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    yale ID

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    Chris Hanson

    just seen this

    Totally agree with your comments guy's, two weeks practice with the engraver and yes I'm bored with dog tags so thought I would try something more challenging, do you have any advice on how these items are engraved to resemble the clients image? My role is to sell the engraving machines so I think that I would be expected to have some idea of the limits. HIBSJO & Count Muppet are only saying what I and others have thought so no worries about their direct style of management, I shall treat it as a clip round the ear lol Looking forward to meeting you at a show/event someday
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    Dimple key

    Silca WJ1R.
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    We cut a lot of keys to code for the technical department of town. They have this awesome guy that can even recognize most common key blanks. They come in once or twice a week with a list of codes. Schools seem to need a lot of keys cut to code just before the start of the school year. We get quite a few roof racks and trailer hitches. Most use the LF12 blank and have a code on it. A lot of garages and dealerships come to us to get car keys cut. They order the blanks from their brand and get them code cut. It's faster like that. Making a key to a lock is so much easier if you can cut it to depths. No more fiddling to clamp a broken key in your machine. The software lets you find an unknown key blank by looking up the code. And of course , master key systems.
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    Forest Cobbler

    Wallet sales

    Fortunately we have a rep come to us about three times a year. They do have an 'affordable range' which helps to keep the costs down on some items, but there is a minimum order quantity of each style which is a bit annoying. Mudassar lives in Essex and comes to us every 5 weeks with a van of stock to choose from. Depending on where you are he might be able to come to you too. His phone number is 07944 870930 if you want to check.
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    Yale Window Key

    Cut them on HD 41E, JMA YA27D??
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    Out, and not believed all the crap on the BBC which is driven by Gov to try and get people scared - they did it in Scotland and Cameroon thought he would get away with it for the Brexit vote, seems we all did not believe the hype - also some of the MP's have changed there minds they voted to stay and now are happy to leave? i hope they grow a pair and start fighting for this country
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    This is a letter to one of my customers about the Hydrolysis that occurred with the moulded units on his shoes, just to give you something to talk about with your customer's hope it helps in some way., Dear Sir, Thank you for your email and pictures very helpful, unfortunately your older boots have Hydrolysis The molecules in the polyurethane midsole of your footwear has broken down due to a reaction known as Hydrolysis. This can sometimes occur in polyurethane products, usually many years after manufacture. It may be accelerated through lack of use, or by being stored in a humid unventilated area. Hydrolysis is a natural process and not a manufacturing flaw All boot/shoe makers can experience problems with rubber based sole units, it is not isolated to your Dubarry boots. You could try www.pickupmyrepair.com who may be able to build up a sole for you. We are sorry we cannot repair on this occasion however, as a gesture of good will we would be able to offer you 20% off a non sale pair of boots which would be valid until 6 months from the date of this email.
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    So it appears no-one has actualy changed their minds, the outers are still outers and the inners are still inners, very strange after all the pressure put on people for a second referendum.
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    Lottie, in light of your circumstances and also the fact that you have now paid £55 to the fund, you can now list a few more adverts without being required to pay. Rick.
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    I voted in in the 70s when it was a common market, and voted out when it was a political monster. I would still vote out. You cannot put a price on freedom. I think if we manage to extract ourselves from europe with out too much damage then that would start a mass leaving, and poossibly a new common market as leaving countrys join with us. The fedralists in europe fear a return to a common market ( or a loss of there power and money ) and will do all they can to damage us, to prevent others following.
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    Out and Stay out.
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    Enfield garage bolt key

    Brisant stock these since the collapse of Codringtons as well as Loktonic which is Tony who used to work for Codringtons. https://loktonic.co.uk/ http://www.brisant-secure.com/
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    Embracing change

    I think it was a tongue in cheek remark Count.
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    David C

    Instacode issue

    They're on IC Live 'The works'. I guess they're considered a vehicle key.
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    ABUS Key ID please

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    Dave the locksmith

    yale ID

    LK104 = Silca GE106 if you want to add to your list
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    Round handle key I.D.

    a little more searching, assuming it is a Sandusky and not a knock off, and assuming it uses a double sided convenience key, look at L6FM / LS14 an Ilco 1545 has been used but with shoulders cut back and used as a tip stop key where as the L6FM / LS14 would be shoulder stopped
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    leave or stay , i just wish they would make their minds up and get on with it . europe will not give them a good deal as dont want us leaving , so any deal will put us in a poorer position than before , so they need to decide , in or out and deal with it , its become a complete farce and has exposed just how useless our politicians actually are
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    x minit uk


    Out .
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    I agree completely with CitySafe, especially since Lottie has personally contacted me regarding the original post and subsequent donation Welcome to the Forum, Lottie. Rick.
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    Chris Belcher - Critically ill

    chris is an undeniable genius , but to me he is far far more than this , he is a mentor , an inspiration and has been a father figure in many ways throughout my career and someone im proud to have as a friend , i dont think ive ever met a more humble , generous , kind and moral person . The industry will have lost a legend , though his legacy will live on , of that im sure. genius like chris dont come along too often , im honoured that he had such an influence on my career , i will miss his genius but not as much as i will miss his friendship , humour and passion .