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    Happy Dude

    Three for a tenner? Really?

    people are idiots, a woman came in " how much for 3 Yale's", I'm £3.95 so I says £11.85, so with a smirk on her face she says "Asda 3 for a tenner." I said "so you're holding a multi national, multi billion pound company's cheap deal over my head for £1.85 when this shop is my only source of income"? "Well I never thought about it like that" They're £11.85 for three, do you want them or not?" "OK, here's £12.00 I'll go and wait out in my car" I cut the keys, waved at her to come in and she waved me to come out to the car, "here's your keys and here's your 15p change" "just keep the change" "No, take it, nice car by the way", (brand spanking new Audi TT £30K+ probably) "oh yes it's very nice" "and you tried to haggle with me for £1.85, see ya...!!" I have seen her several times since with shoes and keys, she admits that she never gave it a milliseconds thought that small shops should be more expensive than big shops but now shops in the high street as much as she can... I blame that wee mockney #### Dominic Littlewood, I saw him on TV recently telling everyone High Street shops are ripping you off and you should haggle for everything, he even boasted about haggling over a bottle of ketchup and was proud as punch he got 20p off of it claiming everyone was having a great time while he haggled, try that in my shop you dick. What a tosser...
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    Maybe they will accept Sainsbury gift cards, try swiping it in the slot to see?
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    Mr Bargy

    Silca Futura Pro

    Hell of an outlay Rick when Graham will get them to you next day. I wouldn't even think about investing in anything now at my age. I struggled with myself to buy a new hole punch last week......
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    cowers lane 583

    Must of misheard.

    Customer ( either foreign or possibly a speech impediment.) came in on Friday. I could of swore he asked " have you got any bollocks?" "Yes I've got a lovely pair of bollocks, thanks for asking!" I replied, being honest. "No, wollocks!" I sold him a wallet.
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    Glasses, Suing the forum

    I had to start wearing glasses today, I'm suing the forum for eye strain in the early days. On the plus side I've realised today my inability to thread a needle the past 12 months, is not down to shaking hands but wonky eyes.
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    Another typical vender, No cost, no location, no contact details Com'on Kenneth give um a clue.
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    Count Muppet

    'Fear of falling' project

    Drop them into a timpson pod, they’ll mess the balance up enough for you
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    Window Handle Locks ID Please

    I think you mean http://www.windowhandlekeys.co.uk/ unfortunaltely they have now updated the site and appear to have removed the useful page. With a bit of sneekery however, a snapshot can be found at this link. https://web.archive.org/web/20160710082516/http://www.windowhandlekeys.co.uk:80/html/upvc_window_handle_keys-_handl.html
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    Mick Friend

    Always seem to come in 3's

    imagine them in the queue at the pearly gates
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    Three for a tenner? Really?

    Everyone will moan when there're no towns with independents to shop in anymore and only massive supermarkets/out of town retail parks.
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    Maxus codes are A00- H99 Made by Excalibre (the codes match) Silca card no. 1673 ISN. 7535
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    IDC Stamped keys

    I always work on the principle if you cannot find a genuine blank or Silca/Jma/Keyline/HD equivalent then whatever fits and works is the correct blank.
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    x minit uk

    Keeping track of who has cut keys

    I'd never blame my colleague otherwise I would have to cook my own tea.
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    We don't get many returns so we NEVER request to see a receipt, we may get the occasional chancer but it isn't worth arguing over.
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    I can't see a welt roller, I see a ranger designed to cut a leather bend into ranges I think. I don't see a skiver either.
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    Orthopaedic builds pricing ?

    If I was to cut the old sole and put the lift in between then probably £30
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    Window Handle Locks ID Please

    1/ Site call out with a bunch of keys. 2/ get him to remove handle and take to you.
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    You shop in M & S? I can't afford to even shoplift from there! Rick.
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    Mortice machine for safe keys .

    Silca Lancer Plus.
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    Mr Bargy

    leather belting

    If I had a business that sold car parts I would want staff that knew about car parts... If I had a business that wholesaled to the shoe repair trade I would employ ex shoe repairers who knew what they were talking about.
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    Three for a tenner? Really?

    I bet he don't queue up at Morrisons with his trolley full of shopping, then when he gets to the till start haggling the price!! Haggling is one of my pet hates and instantly refuse or start haggling upwards.
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    Wish I had an ivory tower to look down from. Never mind I've kind of got a golden limousine.....well a fifteen year old blue zafira, close enough.
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    cowers lane 583

    loop king laces

    Got some in, I like the look and the packaging. As I said, my customers are commuter based so not convinced they will sell well, but they add interest to what can be a boring display. The back instructions both made me laugh and feel really old. This is my idea of sharing it on social media though.
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    Abus key to code

    Looks like this one to me Chris. The blank is the same as the EC75 series also used on the new Titalium TI96 series.
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    Could you please keep topics of a sexual content in the correct section.
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    I'll ask for you, SteelCityShoes. Rick.
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    loop king laces

    Wow, almost £3.60 a pair at wholesale price. I reckon the people 'round here will just try and nick 'em rather than pay 6-8 quid a pair. They moan at £1.99 for a pair of 75cm cord.............. Shame, really, as I like the look of the new laces but I'm worried that they'll end up the same way as our Easy Lace range - just gathering dust. Good luck to those who decide to stock them, though. Rick.
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    Mick Friend

    freebies for nutters

    Yes! snow joke - called at 1030 in a broad suffolk accent ' me lokz brok if I pass me fone over can you tell my plumber friend how to fix it?'
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    Forum Upgrade

    Getting more used to the site and where everything is and i am starting to slowly like it. It doesn't seem any slower to me on mobile or desktop.
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    Single Use Plastic

    I agree. Whenever I buy keys in boxes, they always seem to be bagged up inside, too. I buy a lot of blingy keyrings from Birch and Colledge and they always come wrapped in bloody cellophane and it does my head in because I then have to faff around removing them and they also can't be recycled. Why don't they wrap them in tissue? Other stuff: Packs of Insoles Packs of soles and heels Packs of liquid polishes Umbrellas Pet tags. Why, why, why? Rick.
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    Silca Futura Pro

    6 Pin is not an issue.
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    Orthopaedic builds pricing ?

    Quite straightforward! I would charge £20.
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    Mr Bargy

    Silca Futura Pro

    Yes but you are the last of Marvels superheroes... And you write in blue.
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    From the look in the sheep eyes I can safely say he's seen the dark web version...the poor barrrrrstard
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    Tessi shutter key

    This looks like the same key - maybe you can get the blanks from Aldridge. Failing that, sell them a new lock. http://www.aldridgesecurity.co.uk/p-5631-tessi-6430-narrow-central-shutter-lock.aspx Rick.
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    Mr Bargy

    Clasp for bag

    Try Colledges
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    Window key

    This one maybe http://www.aldridgesecurity.co.uk/p-1390-asec-ts7477-laird-window-key.aspx
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    Three for a tenner? Really?

    On a positive note, the local Johnsons dry cleaners inside our local Sainsbury's supermarket have just removed all there key cutting equipment and key boards.
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    Three for a tenner? Really?

    It's happening everywhere!! My high street is dead, Argos will be moving to the out-of-town Sainsburys in June, another nail in the coffin. I'm hanging on by the skin of my teeth but I don't know for how much longer I want to just scrape by. Seems to be too hard to make money nowadays, especially in retail. If the big guys like Maplin, New Look etc. are all shutting down what hope do us little guys have!
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    What ya moaning at, then? Rick.
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    I think I might give lockexpo a miss
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    Mr Bargy


    Rick & Mick...... Pervs!
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    Loop King Laces

    loop king laces

    Hi @kobblers, No problem at all. Great idea, speak to Birch. Do tell them the poster will help you consider the interest in your area, a poster should be given to you with no problems. Great idea on the facebook campaign, we actually have someone working on that as we speak. We're just awaiting a list from Birch of retailers so we can target people in those selected areas to drive them to their closest stockists. Anytime, Christian.
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    Loop King Laces

    loop king laces

    Hi @cowers lane 583, Our best sellers are the 114cm and 140cm. Close 2nds are 90cm and 150cm. The 75cm is more for a child’s trainer or an adults 3-4 eyelet shoe such as VANS Authentic. If I was to make a suggestion to you. I would say start with 90cm, 114cm and 140cm, and see how you get on. These will definitely go and fit the majority of the audience. From there, speak to your customers and develop word of mouth to see which other enquiries you get for sizes! We’ve had people request 200cm! Unfortunately we don’t stock that yet. Much agreed on the high end range opinion. Best, Christian
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    x minit uk


    Welcome . is it possible to engrave fish tanks.?.
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    Mick Friend

    freebies for nutters

    Oh- yes - I have lost me cheque book can I use my friends if I sign my name?????? W H A T
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    loop king laces