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  2. Lacquer?

    Just a note, when you polish it , put a pet disc in the cloth and it’s stops the polish going in the infill . old tip I know but thought I’d mention it
  3. ETA 956.112 for Braille Watch

    its just a blanked of cannon pinion. what are you trying to acheive? the chnaces are your customers original is a second hand blank with a fake screw top it probably just pops off like a secondhand would & is just a press fit
  4. Single Use Plastic

    And the ford tibbe keys that come with 2 or 3 colour inserts. Does anyone really care which colour? Just use the black one. Anyone who knows what they are doing will check the chip anyway
  5. Sabre Key

    I always use ya91 for these so I suppose so
  6. Single Use Plastic

    I agree. Whenever I buy keys in boxes, they always seem to be bagged up inside, too. I buy a lot of blingy keyrings from Birch and Colledge and they always come wrapped in bloody cellophane and it does my head in because I then have to faff around removing them and they also can't be recycled. Why don't they wrap them in tissue? Other stuff: Packs of Insoles Packs of soles and heels Packs of liquid polishes Umbrellas Pet tags. Why, why, why? Rick.
  7. Sabre Key

    If the YA91 supercedes the old six pin Yale, does that mean it will also do the Sabre and Q blanks, then? Rick.
  8. Anyone else getting increasingly frustrated by the growing amount of single use plastic used in packaging in our industry? Is this really necessary? And it's not just JMA. We used to receive our car key cases loose but now they come in bags. The resealable ones I don't mind so much as they can be re-used but I don't know what purpose it serves. First thing I do when I get them is pull the plastic off and bin it so that they can be put on the peg boards anyway!
  9. IDC Stamped keys

    I always work on the principle if you cannot find a genuine blank or Silca/Jma/Keyline/HD equivalent then whatever fits and works is the correct blank.
  10. Had these keys couple of time and cut them on UL054, Its seems UL054 worked as the customer not come back. Just asking is Universal the right blank for these keys or other keys can do it as well or these are specific blank for them? Thanks
  11. Vitris Key Blank

    Just cut this on my Mustang using the SILCA MLM9 blank using the adapters for the HU66 blades and it worked fine.
  12. Sabre Key

    It is the length that is the important part of cutting the key.
  13. Sabre Key

    On Davenports hints and tips news letter it says Cylinder keys with Sabre and Q on them then use a 16Hl as a substitute.
  14. Took a while for your first post didn’t it?
  15. Lee is probably best placed to comment but he doesn't do training.
  16. ETA 956.112 for Braille Watch

    The picture on Cousins website looks like it has some type of cap on the pinion, not sure if it's a screw though!!
  17. Sabre Key

    16HL works for me, Silca YA5.
  18. The movement in the customers watch has a screw where the second hand would fit. Does the non second hand version of this movement have a screw as well?
  19. I would start with just a small selection of collars in various sizes. You can buy leather and canvas type adjustable collars to begin with and see how they sell. Having Poundland and Home Bargains near my shop meant I wasn't selling many.
  20. Dog Leads and Dog Collar Suppliers

    Hadn't been asked in years but the last couple of months we are getting people ask as we do pet tags. As we are getting people ask for them i thought the same that they would go great with the pet disks. One of the shops is on the same street as the dog groomers & another branch is in a small town with no pet shop as it closed down.....not a great start to the idea there, but they are also getting enquiries.
  21. But how? your never there! each time I ever telephone your still in bed.... LOL
  22. Yesterday
  23. I tried this a few years ago but was not a great seller. Thought it would go well alongside the pet tags but maybe only sold a few here and there. The leads I got were crap, but some of the collars were ok. Might be different if you are close to a dog grooming salon and you can adverise it alongside fancy pet tags.
  24. Dog Leads and Dog Collar Suppliers

    I’ve never been asked
  25. I'd never blame my colleague otherwise I would have to cook my own tea.
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