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  2. Does anyone have one of these spare they can send me please.
  3. kobblers

    Still key ID please

    LF12 should be the correct blank - I cut loads of these. Rick.
  4. grahamparker

    Still key ID please

    Have you actually cut one and tried it on an LF12 ?.
  5. Today
  6. Close, but no cigar. Think I'll just order the BL2 David mentioned above, closest one I've found to the original.
  7. Probably £2.00 or £2.50 each but would want to engrave one to see for myself. I definitely wouldn't include the couple of hours spent on here sorting things out!
  8. I would of gone down the route of price for 1 would be £11.50 which includes set-up charge, for 156 I'd do them for £3 each (as it's just put in disc and press repeat), no set-up charge, so £468.
  9. Yes that is correct. I am selling an MVP Pro with 3 months free use which is worth another £600 on top which effectively brings the unit price down to £1200. Plus £180 worth of extra cables. So in reality the unit is going for just over 1k. I only mention trade in as someone may wish to get a Smart Pro and use this opportunity. Are either of you interested in purchasing this from me?
  10. Yesterday
  11. Hi, surely the trade in value only applies if you buy the mvp pro ,, don't thk they will give that much unless you are buying something else??
  12. ***UPDATE*** Keyscan programmer - SOLD Solder station with hot air remover - SOLD KD900 KeyDiy - £150 Vehicle battery pack - £150 TDB003 Proximity/Smart key tester - £100 VAG pin pulling tool - SOLD Zedfull and MVP still available
  13. Thank you Abars, however, I am able to trade mine in at £1995. When I purchased it at Hickleys the Smart Pro was looming so they stated that if I got an MVP Pro then I could trade it in for £1995 when the Smart Pro is out.
  14. Quick method (only line red pointer up with spindle) : Clamp some metal Orange plus left, then press z and down to make a diamond mark Hold tick until red eye comes on and moves. Align red pointer with mark previously made. Press and hold tick. NB: this method is fnine if you always point and shoot but it is recommended to ensure the machine is properly aligned. If you have no centring tool, use black or wood ruler jigs and close them to make a centre Y line. Place ruler across the 0 marks for centre X line.
  15. You need to clamp something in the centre of the machine that you can line the cutter and red pointer against. New machines come with a metal disc with a hole in and a black plastic crosshair. Turn the machine off and on to ensure it's clear. Hold the orange pause button and press the left arrow button. Release the buttons when it starts moving. It will move out to the centre. You can use the arrow keys to move it to line up with your centre mark. You can press Z then down to move the cutter down to see better. If using the supplied metal disc try to get your diamond to go through the hole. When you're happy the diamond is centred, press and hold the tick button. The red pointer will come on and move to the centre. You can use the left and right arrow keys to align left right. Up down needs to be done physically. You can slightly rotate the plastic box o. The side of the head. When happy press and hold tick. Test.
  16. petercoulson

    Engraving Off Centre

    I don't know the M20J but I do know with other Gravo machines there is a way to re centre the diamond in the start up cycle have you tried anything like that? I found a user manual and p28 explains the adjustments to be made http://gravo.dk/User manuals/GTM20eng.pdf
  17. Now just as a matter of interest, how much would everyone have charged for this job? I reckon I'll spend close to four hours standing at the machine taking the discs in and out, there are 156 of them and I've probably spent a good couple of hours trying to convert files and begging others to help me! I have agreed a price but I'm interested to see if I've charged too much or sold myself short!
  18. hibsjo(SCO)

    Engraving Off Centre

    reset the origin carry on!
  19. Just an update: Had to do an order for a customer on a straight bar. Laser test was fine, but the engraving was off to the right. Having to send of for a replacement item so we can try again! So it's not just a circle thing. The machine is engraving to the right of where it should be by about 3-5mm every time! Any help would be appreciated! Thanks
  20. keySolutions

    Key to code

    Most likely it will be a Silca LF12. These are very common for automotive accessories. The codes fall in the 1-200 range. There are members here that can cut it to code.
  21. Hi everyone customer has top box and lost the key its a cam lock and a JMA RE 1D seems to fit good on the front of the cam is (054) can anyone help thanks in advance
  22. pomsecurity

    Ronis key code

    These do them too and cheaper https://www.easykeysandlockers.co.uk/
  23. Thanks everybody, I hopefully have it sorted now! If it's approved I can start the bloody things!
  24. ok mate, there's always the awkward ones, good luck...
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